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Wintering aboard a Wood Boat

There are those that would argue that wood boats are by far the best for winter live aboards...follow this link to hear more about the great debate :)
 Wood Boats are Best For Winter Live Aboards

Puget Sound Marinas to Live aboard or Winter Over at. Depending on your situation you may want to dry dock or live in covered moorage. Here is a link to some helpful info on Wintering with your boat

Staying Warm On Your Boat In Winter

Here is a link to a forum with some great info on keeping warm during the winter on your boat plus lots of other great warmth info Warmth...this way lol

Great Tips For Decorating Your Boat For The Christmas Holidays and Boat Parades

Many boat owners enjoy participating in a Christmas boat parade. The boat parades at Christmas bring joy to onlookers. With the reflection on the water, Christmas lights have quite an added sparkle. Here are a few tips to help you decorate a boat for a Christmas boat parade.

How To Decorate Your Boat For Christmas

1.  Make a decorating plan for your boat. Decide if there is enough room for a Christmas tree; make sure it doesn't block the captain's view so he can safely navigate. Decide if you can use plug in Christmas lights or if you need battery operated lights. Decide on the type of decorations you want to use. For instance, it may be a themed Christmas boat parade requiring special decorations. Keep in mind that the decorations need to be visible from the shore. Small decorations are difficult to see.***Read More Here***

2011 Seattle Christmas Ship Festival

The Argosy Christmas Ship™ festival is a holiday celebration that has been a Northwest tradition for 62 years. Its main purpose is to bring communities together to celebrate the holiday season. From our flotilla of ships to the crowds of people who gather onshore, this celebration is one of the gems of the holiday season.
Each night, through December 23rd, 2011 the Argosy Christmas Ship™ sails to different Puget Sound waterfront communities, over 45 in total.
Read More Here: Argosy Christmas Ship Festival

If you look very closely, the seals nose is poking out under the can hear him breathing :)

Winterize Your Boat

Before you put your boat on ice for the winter, here's what you need to do to protect your investment.

By Cliff Gromer

Read more: Winterizing Your Boat - How to Winterize Your Boat - Popular Mechanics

Why put time and money into a boat that you're not going to use for six months? That's an all-too-common attitude when it comes to winterizing chores. Beeeg mistake. Winter weather can wreak havoc (cracked blocks, corrosion, etc.) on a boat that's not prepared for hibernation. Another tip: If your boat needs professional help and you wait until spring to get it, you're hitting the boat doctor at his busiest time. So it pays to take care of any problems and dealer-required maintenance in the fall, before your craft is clutched by winter's icy grip.