Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Back with the Binnacles

I hope you are all enjoying the Binnacles. It gets much funnier as it goes along. Just in case anyone would like the book, I put a link on here again to the only place I could find any more copies. Link to Amazon here, I think they still had a few used copies for sale:
Boat and be Damned

Today has just been  flurry of excitement around here with everyone getting ready for opening weekend. Cleaning, washing, decorating, stocking up every preparation you can think of. People coming and going. Boats leaving for fun destinations. It is clearing out around here and getting pretty empty. We are not going out this weekend. Too many family plans. But not going out on opening weekend has got it's perks. It is really quiet and relaxing here when everyone has shipped off. We will probably get some work done on the boat this weekend. There is always something to do!
Well let me get started on those Binnacles again. To catch up just scroll down to the last link and catch up. And for those of you who have not been here in a few days, I am sharing a story out of a wonderful book called "Boat and Be Damned". It is a hilarious book written about a man and wife who decide to become boaters. It was written back in 1957 so there aren't many copies left to be had, (I found mine in a used book store), that is why I wanted to share at least one of the stories here. If you want to read from the beginning just go back to the first Boat and Be Damned post and follow daily posts from there. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


"You're whistling off key again, Chester," said Mrs. Binnacle. "Here she is," said Smiling Sam, indicating a large white boat at the end of the dock while watching his customers carefully. He was immediately aware of Chester's gasp of delight as he surveyed the craft, a look of anguished longing not unlike a man's first glimpse of Marilyn Monroe. He was also aware that the lady, too, was not displeased. She seemed to be staring at the cabin windows, probably enjoying the curtains, a good, healthy sign of interest from a feminine observer.
"I ask you," he whispered gently to Emma. "Isn't she a dream of delight, Mrs. Pinnacle?"
"Binnacle," said Emma thoughtfully. She was lost in the study of the cabin windows, enjoying the sight of the neat, blue checkered curtains. These were the same curtains that hung in her kitchen, a particularly attractive design she had picked up one day in Westport at  the Birgenheim Curtain Shop, the most exclusive curtain store in the whole town where they lived.
"I must admit," she said, "It is a pretty looking boat."
"Trim," murmered Chester. "Neat. Racy. Slick. Solid."
"Clean," said Emma. "Cozy. Bright.".

____OVER_____   more later....have to run for a bit but will add more as soon as I return, Take care all!

Back to the Story of the Binnacles

Hi all! Sorry I missed you all yesterday. Busy busy day yesterday. But today's a new day! Lots of little fishies swimming around the marina. But dark clouds overhead. I think we are in for a big splash of water here really soon. Happy Opening Boating Season Day! Many people here cleaning and fixing and heading out for the log boom in Lake Washington and many other destinations. Boating season is upon us. YIPPEEEEEEEE

Let sget down to the nitty gritty of the day, on with the Binnacles. If you need a refresher from where we left off, just peek at the last post and get caught up. Here we go!

It was a fine, clear day, a perfect day for buying a boat, thought Chester Binnacle. If only would show a bit of enthusiasm. He drove very slowly down Fisherman's Lane where hundreds of wonderful boats lay snug intheir moorings. He pointed out the gulls, wheeling and soaring in the fresh breeze blowing  in from the bay. He paused to observe the dozens of happy owners in the boatyards, polishing and scraping,all of them looking happy and content.
"A hobby like this could add years to a mans life," Chester said, inhaling deeply. "It must be fun painting a boat."
"Remeber your bursitis," Emma said. "There's the place you're looking for, straight ahead."
There was a very big sign on a shack that read:
           Boats of all kinds
          Time Payments
  You name it- We've go it!
ALSO All Kinds Of Sandwiches

Smiling Sam himself greeted them with a firm handshake and a hearty Hello. He was dressed in mariner's garb,complete with brass buttons and a rakish peaked cap. He made a point of taking Mrs. Binnacles elbow in a courtly gesture to help her to the dock.He was at once courteous and enthusiastic, radiating an air of salty good nature as he listened to Chester's explanation of their visit.
"About the boat in your ad," Chester said. "The one for four thousand six hundred and thirty-two dollars and ninety-nine cents," Emma added.
"Don't tell me," Smiling Sam said, aghast. "Don't tell me you are interested in the Flying Fratricide, Mr. Barnacle?"
"Binnacle," said Chester. "Is that the old lady's boat?"
"You are referring, of course, to poor old Mrs. Chickamiddy," said Smiling Sam reverently, removing his hat and placing it over his heart and lowered his eyes. "I'm sorry to say the poor soul slipped her moorings and sailed away to her maker only last week."
"About the Flying Fratricide," Chester suggested.
"Wonderful woman that Mrs. Chickamiddy," Smiling Sam went on dreamily. "Direct descendant of Rear Admiral Gregory Q. Chickamiddy of the Third Baltic Fleet. You know the name, of course. Admiral Greg, or "Old Pork Rind", they used to call him, because he defeated the Spanish in Higgle's Cove while eating a pork sandwich. Great name in the history of our glorious navy, he was. Mrs. Chickamiddy built the Flying Fratricide in honor of her famous ancestor. A custom job, from stem to stern, engineered in the Red Clam Yards over in Dismal Bay, up near Boston, under the personal supervision of  J. Festermole Ebbtide, greatest hull expert since Arthur Woolstone Craft. Every item on the Flying Fratricide was custom built, including chocks, coamings, skegs and garboard strakes. Labor of love, as the saying goes. Think you're the skipper of a boat like her, Mr. Pinochle?"
"Binnacle," said Chester nervously, struggling to contain his excitement. It all sounded so positively wonderful. But it would be foolhardly to show a salesman too much interest. It was a rule of buying and selling to retain an outward calm in the face of such a sensational bargain. "Let's have a look at her," Chester said noncomittally.
"A man's craft," murmured Smiling Sam, just loud enough for Chester to hear. "A real peachy vessel for a deepwater man. A dandy item for a rough, tough sailor man. A man's boat for a man's man."
This whispered soliloquy had the expected effect on Chester Binnacle, who seemed to swagger a bit now as he walked, his hands thrust deep in his pants, his mouth pursed as he whistled a sea chanty. Already he saw himself at the wheel of the Flying Fratricide, the prow knifing the stormy sea, the rain beating against his eyes as he held the craft steady on her course.

That's all for now....more tomorrow.
Have a great day! Wishing you calm seas on opening boating day here in the Puget Sound!

Day 2 of Mr. Binnacle and his wild boating adventures

Hi All! Hope your day has started well. We were having a beautiful morning, so beautiful by 10am the dog and I had already gone out for two walks. But then.....rain, rain, rain, blah blah blah. Same ole same ole. The tide is extremely low and the rain is pouring turning the marina into a brown mucky mess. We have the fresh water river running through the marina out to the Puget Sound so when it rains the river flows strong and turns up all the silt that's usually settled at the bottom of the marina. Approximately 3 months ago there were dredgers out in the middle of the water way just outside of the marina. They dredged an enormous amount of silt. Apparently the Port has to do this often because of the silt brought in by the river. That must cost a fortune.
Anyway I want to continue sharing more of the Boat Be Damned Book, so if you have forgotten where I left off, just review yesterdays blog and get all caught up.......ENJOY!

"You sound like a salesman for a Carribbean cruise," said Emma Binnacle.
"Why the overpowering urge for the nautical life?"
"It's in  my blood," Chester said. "I've always loved the sea, the lure of deep blue water, the tug of the tide. It's something that's been growing in me since boyhood."
"Your boyhood was spent in Cactus Flats, Nevada."
"That doesn't mean a thing. My grandfather's to blame, really."
"Your grandfather was a grocer in Dry Creek, Texas."
"But he loved sardines," Chester said stubbornly. "He was a fisherman underneath it all, a frustrated sailor. He tried to join the Navy during the Mexican intervention. It broke his heart when they decided to fight Pancho Villa in the mountains."
Chester read the advertisement aloud, nibbling at the words as though each syllable were a tasty tidbit, mouthing the marine phrases slowly so that Emma would catch the significance of each salty feature of the boat.
"Twin screws,"  he said rapturously.
"What's wrong with one screw?" Emma asked. "Why do we need two of them?"
"Two motors are always better than one, dear."
"Then why don't they put two in automobile?"
"Fighting chairs," continued Chester.
"We can fight just as well standing up," Emma said.
"You don't understand, darling. We fight the fish with these chairs."
"The fish come out of the water to fight?"
"Roomy cabins," continued Chester dreamily. "Outriggers, an enclosed head, flying bridge, electric bilge-"
"Why electrify the bilge?" Emma asked. "Isn't a plain, ordinary bilge good enough?"
"Complete galley, fresh water-"
"Is there any other kind of drinking water?"
"And only used two hours by an old lady, Chester wound up.
"Let's go see it, dear. We don't have to buy it, you know. Besides, it's a nice day for a ride. They'll probably take us out on the bay to demonstrate the boat. What have we got to lose?"
"Four thousand six hundred thirty-two dollars and ninety-nine cents," said Emma Binnacle, more to her cup of coffee than to Chester.

----------STOP---------More tomorrow!
I hope you are enjoying this story so far. It gets really funny as it goes along. If you have ever wanted a boat, had a boat, have a boat, add to that a spouse, or other long term relationship, then you know exactly how this story is playing out. We've all been there. It really has a great comedic slant on the whole boat ownership ordeal.
Have a great rest of the day and I will be back with more Binnacles tomorrow. If you are enjoying this book and would like to buy it, Amazon has a few used copies for sale, (approx. $2.99). It's been out of print for many years so it is a little hard to find, so I will put a link to the book at Amazon, at the end of every post. Since I have bought this book I have lent it to several people and they have all really enjoyed it also.
Click  Here for book: Boat and be damned

Story out of the funniest boat book

I'm telling you this is the funniest Boat book or any kind of book I have ever read. I read it outloud sometimes as we're sitting around and I have laughed so hard my gut hurt. It was written in 1957 by a man named Lawrence Lariar and I am not sure if he ever wrote anything else. I am guessing he was a married man and at some point in his marriage he decided to buy an old clunker of a boat. I figure that because that is what he writes about, obviously using a character name. It is absolutely hilarious the way he writes sarcastically and comically.The book is made up of several short stories about the things a married couple went through when he decided to become a boater. I wanted to share one of my favorite stories he wrote, with you. It is too long to write in one post so I will break it up over a few days. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I think every boater should own this book. The only problem is is that it was written in 1957 and is a collectors book. I happened across it at a second hand book store. But I did look it up on Amazon and they do have it there. If you like the story I share with you, you really should buy it. I promise you will love it. I think its only 2.99 on Amazon. I have a link to Amazon below:

Boat and be damned
The Chapters:
1 Our Midwestern Mariners
2 Mr. Binnacle Buys His Dream Boat
3 The Ten Commandments for Boating Guests
4 Dinig Afloat with the Binnacles
5 Boat Supply Department
6 Boating Types
7 Nautical Dictionary
8 Mr. & Mrs. Binnacle Join the Yacht Club
9 A Day at Sea with the Binnacles

Heres the Story:

Mr. Binnacle Buys His Dream Boat

The Ad Reads: CRUISER Sleeps 4,roomy cabins,twin screws,fighting chairs,outriggers,enclosed head,pulpit,fish box,flying bridge,electric bilge,complete galley,freshwater,ship to shore telephone,clean,used only two hours by old lady (with arthritis),must sell at BARGAIN price. Asking $4632.99

When Chester Binnacle read this advertisement, the nautical blood rushed to his head immediately. Chester was overcome with the giddy feeling of a prospector upon discovering the first golden flecks in his pan. He lowered the newspaper and gazed at his wife across the table. She seemed fairly content this morning, nibbling her favorite marmalade and toast.
"Emma," he said with controlled enthusiasm, "You'll never guess what I've discovered in this morning's paper."
"A boat" Emma said to her toast. "I can tell it by that crazy look in your eye."
"Not just another boat," said Chester. "Read this ad and see for yourself."
Chester watched his wife as she read, studying her face for some small sign of approval. If she would finish the ad without sniffing or pulling at her left ear, it could mean that she was fairly happy.
Mrs. Binnacle sniffed and pulled at her left ear.
"Four thousand six hundred and thirty two dollars and ninety nine cents," she said.
"A bargain isn't it dear?"
"We could repaint and decorate the upstairs for half of that."
"But we can't go fishing upstairs," Chester said cleverly. "A boat will give us relaxation and amusement, gay times in the outdoors, the smell of the salt spray, the call of the open sea, hours of happiness and fresh air, sunlit weekends."

Thats all until tomorrow.... see you then!
Take care all!


Wow, it is a blowing here. We are a rocking and rolling on the water. Not many people about today. The wind comes out and everyone disappears. I took the dog out for a couple of walks and he's so small I swear he almost flew away. He has such huge ears he looked like Dumbo rolling down the promenade. The masts on the sailboats are banging and clanging. Seagulls are having quite the time trying to make it from point A to point B. They are fun to watch though. It actually looks like fun floating around up there in the wind.
The TV satellite is blinking in and out, what a joy having satellite. Every little weather condition affects this darn satellite, but living aboard a boat doesn't leave much of a selection when it comes to tv service providers. Getting internet is even slimmer pickins. We can get satellite or ...?. No DSL here. But we make do. We just get used to knowing which weather conditions hinder our use of communications.
Crazy thing here. We have had the census banging around here on the docks. It seems strange to me that we cannot accept mail here because there are no formal addresses here on the docks, so we must have our mail routed to post offices boxes. Every live aboard is registered with the marina office and they have our mailing addresses. But yet the census comes here looking for people to fill out their census forms, when the census is supposed to be based only off of residential addresses. They were making people so angry here on the docks. Approx. only 1/4 of the boats on our dock are liveaboards and so the census workers were confronting many people here that have already filled out their forms that were sent to their home addresses. I guess I figured the marina would notify the census employees of which boats are registered as liveaboards and send their forms to their post office boxes. But to hassle everyone down here didn't help the census takers make any friends.I would never take that job! Especially after seeing people here and how angry they were. They boaters were down here enjoying the day, relaxing and the census takers roll down the dock and start hassling everyone. Crazy.
All of you have a wonderful day and tie everything down so you don't lose it in this wind!

Now Heres a House Boat

Check this out. Now theres a real house boat!

Thought you might enjoy this, Have a great day!
Good Day all! Sorry I didn't get on here til later in the day. It's my b-day today and my son and family took me out to eat and we got a little carried away with time and it was, ...well....really nice. It was a nice way to end a day of errands and bill paying, YUCK!
Before I forget, I wanted to tell you about a great little shop I stumbled across in Marysville Wa. It is called "Paws it On" and it's a great little 2nd hand doggie store. Theres a cute little lady that owns it and she has some other women that sew doggie coats that she sells. The store has a huge selection of doggie coats and clothes. Some used, some new. Lots of other great doggie stuff too. She also has a person who makes doggie beds for her to sell. I am going to talk with her and do a small expose on her store and maybe she'll advertise some great special here on my blog for all of us. The store is a cute little pink building right off the main road and has parking in the back. The people that work there are friendly and very helpful. I will tell you more about it in the next few days after I speak with the owner. I can't get enough of the place with the great doggie coats.
Maybe I should explain myself and why I'm bringing up dogs on a blog about living aboard a boat. You see, I am sure if you read the rules on "How to live aboard a boat" you will find the rule that says you must have atleast one pet aboard, preferably two or more. And not any ole pet, strange pets. When you meet any of the liveaboards down here you would assume we were all told we had to have a dog to live here. Nearly everyone that lives aboard here has a dog and usually more than just a dog. We have a doggie and a great big cat. Another water dweller down the way has three dogs. And another has 1 huge dog and two cats. A man across the way has a pit bull. The list goes on and on, heck, one man has some big parrot type bird that screeches and screams when their hatch door is open.  It really is crazy. I never would think it would be so common to have these pets aboard boats.
That is why I wrote about the great doggie store. Because any other liveaboards reading this are a highly likely to own a dog or two, and we know we have to walk them a lot, even in the rain, so little coats that keep them dry is a big must! So there, enough of that. I am going to jump off the computer now and go enjoy some birthday ice cream.
Take care all and have a great night!

I Need New Stairs

I swear I nearly fall down our steps everyday. Today I had the dog under one arm and a bag of garbage in the other and I nearly had a heart attack as I fell forward off the steps but my boat angel caught me and saved my rear end. I need to find someone who can build me a new set of steps that are built custom for this boat. Not the store bought because they just don't fit this boat well. We have such an odd height up to our deck that we need to have custom steps built if I want to be safe. I have already fallen down the steps into our lower stateroom. Stepped one...two...three...whoops! Bam!  Right up in the air and landed on the back of my head and neck against the front edge of the wood step. No doubt I had headaches for week after that. But that was just the fall before the big fall. A month or two ago I fell straight into the engine hatch as I was walking up to the helm. The hatch is approx. 1 ft x 2.5 ft. I stepped straight in, went straight down, head hit the forward most edge of the hole, shoulder hit the same, my left leg did not go down the hatch so needless to say it twisted in some awful form. My co sailor ran over and lifted the 25 lb wood hatch cover off of the top of me (yes I forgot to tell you that the hatch cover fell on top of me, further adding insult to injury). I was laying somewhat sideways in the opening and slipping quickly about to land on my head on the bottom of the hull. After I was delicately removed from "the hole from hell" I got to my knees and passed out. I was lifted to the sofa and realized at that time I couldn't move my foot.
It goes on from there but we don't need to hear anymore, went to the dr.,I couldn't walk for awhile, which was difficult on a boat, especially because I had just had surgery on my right arm so it was in a cast. I'm sure as I limped down the dock  with half of my bones in splints and casts, my dock friends got a great laugh.
So, needless to say I do not need any other situations with stairs or holes or hatches or anything! I need to get some new stairs. So if you know of anyone in the Everett area that builds steps, (I believe it would take 5-6 steps) drop me comment or email at
Take care all!

Crazy Men at the Marina

Hi all!
Boy Monday night was a little wild here. Something woke me up approx 4am. So I got up and looked around and as I headed up to the helm I heard a man screaming F--- this, F--- that, you know the type. The voice was 1 dock over and was moving up and down the dock. I couldn't make out exactly what was going on because the voice I heard was sooooo drunk! Slurring and cussing. It was very impressive. After a few minutes of that I heard a voice scream from the boat down that other dock. He was screaming the other mans name. Then the cussing and screaming carried on from the two of them up and down the dock. From what I made out hearing apparently one man locked the other man out of the boat on which they both live and the man that came out of the boat was upset because the other did not come home all night, so he locked him out.
Now I know we all like a little drama but that was crazy. It had to have awoken every person here. To make matters worse, the dock they were on was roofed with metal so it echoed incredibly loud.
But all is good now. No craziness last night. Well aside from the homeless people that sleep in the dumpster areas at night or the men that bring the women of the night down here to take care of business and then throw their used instruments out the window into the parking lot. Oh, and the drunks that leave the restaurants and decide they are going to walk the promenade along the water only to make total asses of themselves by trying to climb the gate fences or jump over the railings only to fall and hurt themselves and have to deal with the Port security that roams through here all night. Aside from all that it was a quiet night.
Pretty quiet here at the marina today. It's cold outside so only the hard core walkers and boaters are about. There are times when I really enjoy it down here on the water when it's cold and wet out. It becomes so still and quiet. You hear the jingle jangle of the masts and riggings of the sailboats as they bounce around in the wind. The pounding of the rain on the metal roofs of the covered docks. The seagulls screeching and talking to each other and the lapping of the water up against the boat that lulls you right to sleep. Sometimes on days like this its so relaxing its hard to get anything done.
But I don't have that luxury today, too much to do! So have a great day all! If you have any good boat or liveaboard stories or suggestions leave a post here or email me at

Storage Tips

Hi Friends!
Hope all is well with all of you today. What another beautiful day! Don't even have to wear a coat outside, yeahhhh finally! The marina is just a buzz. People everywhere and the restaurants are busy today. You know those first nice days everyone wants to eat by the water, and these restaurants here at Port of Everett have great views. I will put links at the bottom of this post to the restaurants here in case you would like to check them out.
I was changing the linens on the bed today and thought I would let you know one of my favorite storage items on our boat. It's those large ziploc bags. I use them for everything. They do keep your linens from getting moist. I use all sizes for everything on this boat. I use them for linens, pillows, clothing I don't wear often, shoes, well like I said just about everything. The other storage bags I like are the kind you suck all the air out of with your vacuum cleaner hose. Those are so nice because you can shrink them down so small. I put the things I use often in the ziploc storage bags and things that will be used less often go in the vacuum type bags. Because of space I would always use the vacuum type but because they have the benefit of much smaller storage size. I put a link at the bottom of the post to the ziploc site so you can go check them out.
Tides are really getting low these past few days. It sure makes walking up the ramps a pain. It's good exercise though. My little doggie looks like he's climbing a mountain when he goes up the ramp. I suppose it's about ten times the walk for him than it is for me. He loves to walk though. We have already got two long walks in today. He would love to be out there all day in this weather but I have to force myself to sit on the boat and do my work. Luckily all my work can be done from home on the computer.
Well I will let you all go for now and get back to work. Have a great day all!

Here is the view out of Lombardis Restaurant

 Let me know if you have any good storage ideas for a liveaboard. Space is definitely an issue so I could always use some help. Have a great day everyone!

Port of Everett Link

I have placed a Port of Everett Link here and at the left hand column. They also have links out to some other useful sites. Everett is the largest mooring marina in the area. Go check them out to see what they are all about. You can find moorage prices there and even events coming up.

Heres a couple of classes they have offered coming up:

Go to 
weather forecast
66° F, SUNNY
Winds: 7 mph W
Humidity: 38%
graphic element

What a Beautiful Day!

Hi Boaters and friends of boaters!
I just wanted to pop in real quick to tell you about the cool signs of real spring today here at the marina. When I was walking down the ramp to the dock I saw a dungeness crab crawling around by himself about three feet deep. Cool, I've never seen one there before. Well when I got back to the boat I saw a huge school of approx. 1.5" long herring. Well a couple of us on the dock decided they were herring.You know how us boaters are, we get to say just about anything we want and it becomes fact. That's just a benefit of being a boater. Kind of like the fishermen and the huge fish they caught. As the listener you just take it for what it's worth. Then the seals! They come float around the marina here in the spring and summer but we haven't seen much of them in here yet. Usually the mommies give birth to the babies on or near the docks and then  teach them to swim in the same area for awhile. So we see a lot of the babies around here during spring and summer. We hear them playing right outside the boat at night, they scratch at the hull of the boat sometimes.But they knock up against the boats and make deep pipe like grunts and snorts and wake me up sometimes, but I don't mind. They are so cute. Sometimes we wake up and they will be sleeping at the bottom of our steps on the dock.
What a day! It feels like spring now. What a long winter, bluck!
Well all, I hope to chat at ya later today. Bon Voyage!
Love a Liveaboard

New US Tides Link added

HI Boaters,
I wanted to put a link up here to US tide charts so it will be easy for you to find.
This way you won't have to tear the boat up on a Sunday when no stores are open searching high and low for that darn tide chart so you can plan your trip home from San Juan Island. Not that I would ever have been in that predicament. There is also a link in the right hand column under "Important Links"
Later all!

TV Show

Hi Boaters! Theres this tv show I was watching today and I thought I ought to let you know about it. It is called "That's Boating" It is on channel R & R which here in Everett it is channel 354 on satellite tv. It is on Saturdays here at 5:30pm-6:00pm. Today it showed some tips on knots and a book review about different knot ties. Also some cruising and sailing tips. They reviewed a cruiser. Showed a sailboat race for amateurs. Boating destinations in Canada. It really is a great show. I have only seen it a couple times and they always have good info.
I've got to scoot my little doggie off my lap and onto the sofa so I can get some work done now. Everyone here seems sleepy today, probably because of the dark, rainy weather. And yes, you heard me right, I have a little buddy living the boat also. He's a dachshund with peculiar markings. His color pattern is called pie bald. Red and white patches with red spots on his legs and belly. Wow, I will have to write you more about life with him on the boat someday soon. I never knew how committed you had to be to live on a boat with a dog. We moved on our boat from 11 acres of forest. So this has been challenging with our doggie. I have found I have to walk him a minimum of 3 times a day atleast 20-30 minutes at each walk. Some walks we just keep walking and when I get back to the boat I find we have walked 45mins-1hour. It really depends on the weather and the mood. And the walks in the rain, wind, snow and ice are really fun!
Well like I said, I better get busy for a bit so I don't feel like I accomplished nothing today.
Have a great evening Boaters!

Boat Quotes

There is NOTHING--absolutely nothing--half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
- Kenneth Grahame

The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use.
- Dom Degnon

Always more work

Good morning boaters! Well, today surely isn't the nice weather we were hoping for. I guess we won't be taking the boat anywhere today. Maybe we will have a nice Sunday for boating.
Our shower bilge went out so hopefully we will be spending time today to replace that darn bilge. Until then we are having to use the public shower facilities at the marina. It's not too bad considering the facilities aren't all that bad. They are clean and never are backed up.
I guess we expected to be doing a lot of work to our boat this summer. We bought our boat last year at the beginning of summer and we went from our 27 foot chris craft to our 46 foot Pacemaker. We are lovers of older wood boats. The classic styling of the older boats has always been something I have been drawn to.
I have found an old book written in the 70's and has some of the funniest boating stories. I am going to share some of the stories with all of you but I will not tie all of your time up with the whole story at once. I will share short portions at a time. A new excerpt each day. I know you will enjoy the stories as I have laughed through most of them.
I have added some resources this morning (in the right hand margin) in hopes that you all find them useful.
Have a great day boaters and look forward to writing more for you later!
Heres a link to www.boatresponsibly .com
This website deals with sewage dumping regulations which is very important to adhere to so we dont get fined and ruin our boat outing.

Welcome to Life aboard a boat

Hi all! I live aboard a 46 foot Pacemaker in the Everett Wa area. I have been living aboard for 7 months now and really it is hard to imagine any other way of living now. Sure there are times I wish I were on land but this time of year isn't one of them. The views, people, sights just doesn't get any better.
I am going to use this blog to share with you some of the basic day to day goings-on on the boat. I hope that others of you out there will join in the discussions and lend some suggestions, advice or great stories you have of boat life.
I look forward to sharing with you the good and the bad (as there are always times when you want to pull your hair out, remember, they say :B O A T stands for "Bust out Another Thousand").
Come join me and embark on some wild journeys.
If you have any resources that would be helpful to other boat dwellers, please drop us a post.
Thanks all and have a great day!