Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Living Aboard

Living Aboard
"You are the hero of your own story.  Make sure it's a good one." - Tom MacNaughton
"These are the good old days" - 1970s popular song lyric
The managers of this web site have all spent thousands of nights afloat. Tom and Nan MacNaughton lived and had their offices aboard their boats for seventeen years, up until we moved ashore to be near Tom's elderly mother. The live aboard life is wonderful. We are now in a position where we can again move back aboard our own modest voyaging yacht. This is the same little voyaging yacht, "Charis", that we started out living aboard many years ago. We have bought her back and are restoring her into the ultimate voyaging yacht she was when we had her before.
Having grown up with cruising boats and having devoured all the information we could find about living aboard and voyaging, the transition to full-time life aboard was easy for us. Our expectations were accurate and easily fulfilled.
Unfortunately many people contemplating the live aboard life are not so lucky in their understanding of what they are getting into. It is a fact that only a small percentage of those who move aboard stay with it for any significant length of time. This is to a large extent due to a lack of preparation for the experience.
Once a suitable boat has been obtained, it is not a matter of money. We have seen no indication that those with lots of money are any more successful at living aboard than those who live on minimal amounts. Those unsure about the money side of living aboard should read the classic The £200 Millionaire by Weston Martyr and our own article reprint Living Aboard: Figuring the Costs which is available through our marine publishing order form. The first teaches the extraordinarily low cost of the lifestyle by an actual example, endearingly told. The second allows you to figure your own living expenses before you start.  It will startle you how little you will need.  Most of you will have many questions and we welcome them.  We keep track of the questions asked and to save time and allow us to answer more people as fully as possible we have written up a publication called Living Aboard - Frequently Asked Questions which attempts to cover every question which we get.  This book also includes the "Living Aboard - Figuring the Costs" article.  You can order this through the marine publishing order form.  It should save you a lot of time and even answer questions you didn't know you should ask.  We'd recommend reading this first and then asking any additional questions you have.  This allows us to devote the maximum time to each person's unique concerns. This is an unusual publication in that, like our Yacht Design School lessons, it will continue to evolve over time.  If, after reading of these two publications, you have further questions you will be helping us and others by asking them.  We will take your Click Here for More...

Living Aboard

Product Description

This is the story of one couples adventures living and traveling aboard their 47-foot cruiser, "Farfetched". It starts with their getting hooked on boating and traveling by water, many years earlier. It tells how they made their decision to really make this move and of their search for the right boat.In 1997 they sold their home and all of their possessions to became full time live aboard boaters. During that eight-year odyssey, they traveled over 32,000 miles and visited every major city in the eastern U S. They got to cities teeming with activity and to isolated anchorages where no one else was within miles. They experienced the serenity, beauty and solitude of anchorages in crystal clear waters off deserted beaches in the Exhuma Islands. There were also the spectacular sunsets as they made overnight passages across the Gulf of Mexico and cruised the North Channel of Lake Huron in Canada.It also tells of the anxiety they experienced when running in high seas or looking for unseen shoals. There was also the sudden panic as they went aground and struggled to get free again. They encountered seven hurricanes in those eight years and tell how they had to deal with them.
Summer and Fall Trips for the Sea of Cortez are filling up fast!

Winter trips to the Socorro Islands are now available!
Please contact Dora Sandoval at 602-558-9580 for
availability, questions, trip options and details.

Welcome to Rocio Del Mar - your liveaboard to experience the unique splendor of the northern Sea of Cortez and the Socorro Islands.  With clear, deep blue waters, abundant sea life, white sand beaches and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez - known as the Gulf of California - is a breathtaking destination for amazing fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, and exploring diverse marine creatures. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium" and the "Galapagos of North America.” Dive on untouched walls and reefs abounding in marine life.  Encounter great and small whale species, whale sharks, manta and jumping mobula rays, and sea lion colonies.  Hike and explore remote uninhabited islets.  Dine under the stars in a calm anchorage, socialize with your shipmates and make new friends.  Then melt into a luxurious bunk in your own finely appointed cabin with private bathrooms and hot showers.  All in a day aboard Rocio, combined with personalized service to enhance  Click Here to Read More

Tacoma Liveaboards

The Tacoma Liveaboard Association (TLA) is a growing group of authorized liveaboards who reside on our vessels in the Tacoma area. The TLA provides a conduit to share information, education and experience among liveaboards, our marinas, and other stakeholders to address issues that affect our waterfront communities and our ability to live aboard our vessels. We believe that good stewardship begins with being aware of and appreciating our natural resources. We actively collaborate with other interested parties to create sustainable solutions to preserve those resources.
We welcome all boaters to join us as good stewards of Puget Sound's waterways – some of the world's richest natural treasures – and as liveaboards who make valuable contributions in our communities.
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Tips on Living Aboard

"A first in design terms...this title is a stimulating focal point for all boat owners."—The Bookseller
"'Gorgeous' is the only word for this book."—Lifeboat
"Something to look forward to"—Canal Boat and Inland Waterways

Product Description

This gorgeous coffee table book is filled with ingenious interior design and furnishing ideas for all kinds of boats and other small living spaces. The book also gives an enticing peek through the portholes of the lives of people who live full time aboard boats from sunsets on your backyard deck to the ease of changing scenery at the set of your sail.

Video Of Boating Rules of the Road

Video Description: Learn must have tips and advice from The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips. In this video,you'll learn about the rules of the road.

Washington State Online Boating Safety Course

Online Boating Safety Course

• Fully narrated and interactive course
• Over 150 animated boating safety videos
• Free boating safety course study guide
• Free student registration
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Online Boating Safety Exam

• Unlimited free exam attempts
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It's the law!

Washington LogoIn 2010 all boaters who are 30 years of age and younger must have a state-approved boater education card to operate on state waters.
Washington boating laws »

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Ask The Expert - A Wandering Solution

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Worlds Fastest Pleasure Boat - 193 mph is FAST !
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Fathers Boat


    IT'S Father's boat we're watching,
                Away out on the sea,
    She's named the Pretty Polly,
                One hundred and ninety three,
    Father called her the Polly,
                After Mother and me.

    There isn't a smarter boat
                Than Father's on the sea,
    The Pretty Polly is our ship,
                Father's the skipper is he,
    And we are watching for Father,
                We're watching, Nancy and me.

    Sometimes the wind blows wildly,
                But Nancy, and Mother, and me,
    We sing a bit of a hymn we know,
                The hymn for those at sea,
    Although when we think of Father,
                We're as near to choke as can be.

    To-night the moon will be shining,
                A sight it will be to see,
    Father's ship all in silver,
                A'sail on a silver sea,
    And Father himself a coming home
                To Mother and Nancy and me.

By Lizzie Lawson

Galapagos Live Aboards

Speak out the word ‘Galapagos’ and you will have even the most seasoned of divers going misty eyed and loose tongued. Diving in this island chain is an experience that is different from all others, and when you do it living aboard a boat, you enjoy the freedom to enjoy the best pelagic encounters. Why choose Galapagos for Liveaboards experience?
* Galapagos is considered to be one of the top spots for diving on Earth. In fact, you will be stunned by the richness and variety of wildlife both above the water and beneath it. The waters are famous for schooling hammerheads and the volcanoes that lie submerged beneath the sea are favorite haunts of white tips and Galapagos sharks. The water is rich in plankton and all sorts of fish come to feed on the delicious spread.
* There are many wondrous spots for diving making Galapagos Liveaboards an experience of a lifetime. The Darwin and Wolf Islands are open only to divers. Besides these, there are many famous spots like The Gordon Rock, Devil’s Crown, Cousin’s Rock and Kicker Rock.
Galapagos Liveaboards – Things to remember
Nearly all diving spots in Galapagos require high levels of skill. So, intermediate to advanced divers who have the ability to withstand tough conditions like low visibility, strong currents and inaccessibility to compression chambers may consider Galapagos Liveaboards. You cannot even rule out encounters with large marine creatures like the whale sharks. There are a few less-challenging sites for divers with lesser skill and experience. But the true experience of Galapagos Liveaboards is for seasoned divers.
If you are looking for a calmer, clearer and warmer Liveaboard experiencein Galapagos, try and go in the wet season which lasts from January to May. However, if you want to observe teeming marine life, the dry season from June to December is the best, notwithstanding strong currents.
Keen diving enthusiasts would do well to hire liveaboard Galapagos boats that specialize in providing divers the ultimate diving experience. If you are going to distant islands, it is important to book with a reputed service provider as you need fast boats to reach these places.
Galapagos Livaboard experiences are truly out of this world, which is why people like to live it up when they are aboard. But, remember to be a good neighbor because sound carries easily from boat to boat. So, if you are enjoying TV or a game with your friends, do not let it be a hindrance for neighbors who want to catch a nap.
And lastly, even though you are visiting the Galapagos for a diving trip, make sure that this interesting island vacation comprises of a number of shore excursions too.
DivEncounters is the worldwide representative of the luxury Galapagos liveaboards.

Great Resource for Buying Classic Wood Boats

Used Antique And Classic Wooden Boats For Sale
—Free to Search & Free to List—

Welcome to the world's finest site for buying and selling used classic wooden boats. We invite you to browse our community driven's free to search and free to list! We have a great selection of Century, Chris Craft, Pacemaker, Richardson, Shepherd, Trojan, Owens and many other used classic wooden boats for sale.

On Walk with my Dachshund Gibbers at Marina

Pictures at the Marina

The last of the snow, now they are predicting more snow it summer yet?

Ahoy "Life Aboard A Boat" friends!

I hope everybody's day is well. We are supposedly going to have another snow storm here in the Puget Sound area. They are saying over 3 inches. Not too bad. We can handle that. What they say is going to be bad is that after the snow, it will be turning to freezing rain. Freezing rain is the nastiest weather I have ever seen. We used to get freezing rain several times during the winter in Oregon. It would shut down all the roads and highways. I do have to say it is beautiful though. The way the ice freezes around each blade of grass and every leaf.
Anyway, that was not the main subject of my post though. I have come across something here at the marina that is driving me crazy. We have a prostitution problem here in the marina. I am not sure if it's because of the Navy base next door or that we are so close in proximity to the downtown Everett area. Whatever the reason, the Port does nothing about it. Many people have discussed this with me and have taken the issue to the Port. We are tired and sickened of walking our dogs only to look and find them sniffing used condoms in the parking lot. I will be out walking my dog in the evening time and see things going on in cars and the Port Security will drive right by, shine their light on me and my dog, and totally disregard the people in the car in front of them who are blatantly, obviously doing the "Dirty", or some form of it. So, the condoms in the parking lot make me mad enough but.....then
During the cold days of winter, the Port shuts off the water to the docks, so we have to use the Marina showers, bathrooms etc,...once we run our tanks dry. Soooo, because of medical reasons, I was needed to help my significant other prepare for his shower. Now the only way to do this is to use the "Family" shower in the North Marina. But, every time we go to the "Family" shower, there are men sitting in their parked cars around the building, men in the lobby of the restrooms, and the "Family" shower is "In use", for very long periods of time. We have watched this time and time again. There are no women in the showers that these men could be waiting for. The laundry room is empty. And we have watched as a man walks out of the "Family" shower, hair dry, get in their car and drive away. Then another man enters, and we watch this over and over and at the end of the night, a woman walks out. Now we have heard there is a prostitute that lives here at the marina on a boat and we even know which dock. We don't know if this is who is running her business out of the "Family" shower or not but whoever it is, must have a boat moored here because the shower must be accessed with a dock key.
We have witnessed this over and over and have even seen the Port security sitting in their truck nearby and they do nothing. I think my next step is to video these events and post them here.
You would just think that the "Second Largest" Marina on the west coast would (and being a govmnt establ.) be more pro active to keep the marina safe and clean, especially for the prices we pay here. People are moving out of this marina at a fast rate.....due to several reasons, but I do know of two couples that left here to moore elsewhere because of this prostitution issue.
Okay, I am done with my rant...guess I just wanna know...
Is this an issue at your marina? Or do you have any issues with the Port of Everett? I have seen on youtube that there were also vandalism issues here, in the dry dock area.
Well Maties,
Have a wonderful day from your friend at Life Aboard A Boat
Twitter: Aboatlady   :)

Living Aboard Around The World

If you are thinking about going cruising then this is the book for you!
"Tells it as it really is! The boats, equipment and the cruising grounds!"
"A fund of useful information"
"All you need to know about the RED SEA!"
"The most detailed account of the PANAMA CANAL."
"one persons personal log of an Atlantic crossing"
1.     Which Boat and what equipment?
2.     The canal route to the sun.
3.     The sea route to the sun.
4.     Cruising the Mediterranean
5.     Crossing the Atlantic
6.     Cruising the Caribbean.
7.     Panama and Pan Pan
8.     The Canal and into the Pacific
9.     South Pacific Islands
10. Tahiti to New Zealand
11.  Helicopter Rescue
12. The Great Barrier Reef
13.  Pirate Attack
14.  Tragedy in the Red Sea.
15.  Homeward Bound

Get the Book Now!

Plans4Boats "The Most Comprehensive Boat Building Package"

I found this book with boat building plans and all the HOW TO's. It's chalked full of knowledge
Here's what he writes:

M y name is Daniel Holden and I've been building boats for more than 20 years.
Generations upon generations of boat building knowledge is the legacy that was passed to me by my ancestors. I have actual insight in the boat design that was used to grace the waters of Denmark with wooden boats for centuries. The plans offered here on this website are based upon my many years of boat building experience- you’ll find no better source of information and proven boat plans anywhere on the internet.

Imagine the awesome feeling of riding on the water on a sunny afternoon in the beautiful boat you built and people crane their necks just so they can get a good look at your boat.
I'm going to show you exactly how to start building the boat of your dreams easily, so that you're fully up and running, within days from now.

 To read more click here

Port South Marina Office is Closed

Just a heads up for anyone coming down to the Port of Everett. The main Port Office has moved to the new location at the North Marina. Popeyes will be moving into the Marina office location in the South Marina.
Having Popeyes in the South Marina will be nice for all those that live on this end. Popeyes is a great little marina store that iss located in the North Marina but will be moving over here to the South Marina in March 2011. After Popeyes leaves the building he is now, the port will be demolishing it.
A little sad seeing all the old Port buildings go, but the Port has to use up that stimulus somewhere I guess.
Scuttlebutt Brewery will be moving soon also. No date set on that building demo yet but it's coming. The brewery will have a big move ahead of them, with all their brewing tanks and what not.
I will keep you posted on the the big moves around here.
Have a great day all!

Kids Boating Safety

I was looking to find some good information to teach my nephews about boating safety before they come out with us. I stumbled upon this site that is an awesome resource to teach the little ones about boating
Here's a snapshot of one of their pages:

Hi, I'm Sally.

WATER: Your boat is on it, or you are in it, or BOTH. Water conditions such as temperature can cause hypothermia, and hazards such as low-head dams can cause drowning.
Sally says, "Water safety is a big part of boating safety. Know the waters you plan to boat!"

Information about water hazards and effects on people and boats IN THE WATER.

Here's the link to the site Click Here

Funny Boat Ramp Stories

SUBJECT: # 4371: Dam ramp is Slippery when wet! Wilson Lake
Submitted by from ALABAMA on 7/8/2010 11:25:00 AM
I was putting my boat in this past Saturday at a ramp near Wilson Dam. I later called it the dam ramp, heres why:
I had never used this ramp before, but of course I was in a hurry for some reason. I was by myself except the onlookers on the dock next to the ramp. I back the boat into the water, put the truck in park, and went to get onto the boat to back it off the trailer. So far, so good... right?
I get next to the back of the truck and take my new flip flops off to keep from getting them wet. I step into the water and found out that the green moss on the ramp was slicker than owl snot!!

Click here to read the rest of the story. it's one of those days we have all's kinda funny

Living Aboard

Wanted to share this link with you. It's a great forum with about every topic on living aboard that you can think of. I hope you find this helpful  :)

Living Aboard Forum