Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Important Considerations When Thinking of Living Aboard

1. Space
Many people think they are ready to move aboard and have slimmed their possessions down enough to make the move. But as much as you thought you have slimmed down your possessions, it still isn't enough. You will want to cut what you think is enough by half again. Are you a book reader? There are not many boats that can accommodate the kind of book library one owns in a home. Consider donating your books and start using one of the digital options. Buying digital books is easy and sometimes even more cost effective. This way you will no longer have to worry about storage and, as a bonus, you can take all your books with you when you travel.

Another big storage buster that many don't think about is the clothing issue. You will have to cut your wardrobe dramatically. Just remember that you won't need Read More Here

The NEW "Arctic Titan" Hits the Water

The New Arctic Titan Hits the Water
The Western Towboat Company in Seattle Washington that primarily tows containers, rails and aggregate barges up to 400ft in length, just recently launched it's 'Arctic Titan" tug. It is a sixth in a series of ASD oceangoing tugs that the company has built as an addition to its fleet of offshore and harbor tugs. The company regularly tows freight and rail car between Seattle and Alaska. Since many Alaska ports do not have assist tugs available, the maneuverability and reliability of the ASD tugs makes for a much more reliable schedule for the ports in the harsh weather of the region.
'Arctic Titan' is the seventeenth vessel the company has constructed and is the latest in the 'Titan' class and was constructed in conjunction with Jensen Maritime Consultant. The 'Arctic Titan will hit the water and begin service in the spring of 2012.
The 'Arctic Titan' is 120ft in length with a draft of 20ft and a beam of 35ft. The tug features crew quarters, galley, a main deckhouse with captains stateroom, axillary machinery space and storage cabinets. The 'Arctic Titan is powered by two Caterpillar C 175 Tier III engines rated at 2830HP each @ 1600RPM connected by carbon shafts to the Schottel SRP-1515 azimuthing drive units. Each unit swings a 4 blade, 104" diameter stainless propeller which produces an estimated bollard pull of 90 tons. There are also two axillary Caterpillar C9 engines with 100 KW generators as well as hydraulic power for the tow and headline winch. The tow winch is a Rapp Hydema with capacity for 4000' of 2 1/4" tow wire on a single drum.
Western Towboat has building and designing tugs for over 30+ years. The company employs carpenters, welders, fitters, machinists and mechanics that build the tugs from the keel on up.

What's Living Aboard A Sailboat Like

The call of the sea, lake or river can be strong. If you enjoy seafood and fishing and have a streak nonconformity and independence you might be a good fit for living aboard your sailboat. Living aboard is a total life changer for so many reasons. You get rocked to sleep most nights. For us, fresh crab was just a dingy ride around the breakwater. Entertaining is a snap since everyone loves to just be aboard. Even in the marina; Cocktails or beer, if you pour it, they will come.
Is it expensive?
Our last boat was a "Hunter 37.5". The yacht mortgage on her was about $62,000 so the payment was around $400 a month. The moorage payment was around $350 a month but.....Read More Here

Do you Need to Winterze Your Boat?Here are the Steps to Get You All Fixed Up

Winterizing your boat does not have to be intimidating, but it is very important. If you neglect to winterize your boat, you may find some very expensive costs at the end of winter when you are getting ready for the new spring and summer season.

By following these steps, you will see  Read the rest of the Article Here...