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Storage Ideas for Onboard

Storage Ideas for Onboard

Storage is the one thing we just can't seem to get enough of on board our boats. This becomes especially true for those of us that live aboard. I have put together some easy ideas to create a little more storage on that boat of yours.

When buying for the galley, be sure to always think vertical, stack stack stack. Keep in mind when you are picking out containers. Make sure they stack together well. This will help to save as much space as possible on those very minimal counter tops. Think of all that unused air space around the galley, this is when screw hooks and storage nets come in very handy. Get yourself a storage net or basket and store your fruits and veggies in those. Maybe your kitchen towels or items you use often, such as bread.
Buy a clear shoe organizer and hang on the inside of the galley pantry or a wall in or near the galley. This can be used for canned goods, boxed goods, coffee or spices. In fact, these shoe organizers are great in the head also, hung on the back of the door to hold toiletry items.

In the cabin or bedroom, there are many options for extra storage. Here using a storage net or two is great for clothing, bedding, towels and even shoes. Use the new 3m hooks on the walls so they will be easily removable if you would like to re arrange them. You van hang coats, towels, hats and more from these hooks. They are also great for things like hair dryers and curling/flattening irons. If you need more clothing storage, buy the large compartment hanging shoe organizers for your closet. These are great for clothing that has been rolled up and can accommodate a few shirts in each compartment and a couple pairs of pants.

Storage in the Helm area. A great storage piece would be over the seat car organizers. Keep the items you use often in these organizers and never again search around for hours looking for the navigational tools. You can also use a velcro type tape and adhere it to the dash or walls adjacent. Then apply the opposite piece to things such as flashlights and navigational tools and they will stay nice and tidy and easily accessible.

Another Item I want to mention because I find them so useful on our boat. Storage bags. The kind that uses a vacuum to pull all the air out. these are great for linens, coats etc. and saves a ton of space and no worries about mildew and mold due to all the moisture that accumulates on board.

I would like to point out a warning tip: Never store heavy items such as cans etc in storage nets overhead as these can be thrust about in a little storm or the friendly wake of another.

Have a great day all and enjoy your life aboard!