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Build Your Own Wood Dinghy

If you are wanting to build your own WOOD Dory, Dinghy, Tender
Then this link might help...great info on here
Click Here to Learn to Build Your Own Boat

Here is just some of what the Author says on his site:
Remember walking into a Carpenters shop when you were a kid?

That smell...

As soon as you walked into that place you were struck by the smell of the wood. It went up your nostrals and straight into your soul.

It felt comfortable.... It felt right, didn't it?

And the sounds...

The saws and the hammer. Someone sanding a board by hand.... Can you hear it now?

Even if you were blind you would know that place was special. Something was being crafted there. Made from scratch.

The feeling was almost biblical.

Well, we live in a very different world today don't we?

Technology has consumed our every waking moment and our kids and grandkids spend more time on the computer, texting or playing video games than we care to talk about.
Folks seem to have forgotten the pure joy and pleasure that comes from building something with their own two hands.

They've forgotten the smell of the wood. You know what I mean?

Stick with me for a few minutes I will show you how to bring back that sense of satisfaction and peace that only comes from creating something with your own two hands...

Let me explain …

I have a good friend (Wilbert) who is 82 years old and in perfect health… Why should you care?

Here’s why …

wilbert,dory plans,dory boats,dory boatWilbert Wants to Teach YOU How to Build a Wooden Dory

And he's one of the most qualified people anywhere in the world to do it!

You see, Wilbert is a master carpenter who knows wooden boats. In fact, he has an amazing 66 years of wooden dory boat building experience.

Think about that for a second. Sixty-Six years. He built of of his first dory boats at the tender age of 16 and hasn’t stopped since.

Now he’s 82 and happier and healthier than anyone I know. At 38, I can't keep up with him!

Can you image how much this man has learned in those 66 years of building wooden dory boats? I am willing to bet he has learned as much as anyone else in North America about building wooden boats. What’s the best part about his storied boat building knowledge?

It all came from hands-on, practical experience. Day in and day out for 66 incredible years.

In fact …

He learned wooden dory boat building from his father who was a fisherman who fished the Grand Banks in dory boats …His father learned it from his father before him. There is literally 4 generations of boat builder’s here.

How cool is that?

Here's How This Instantly Benefits You

Wilbert called me one day and said quite matter-of-factly …

“I Want to Teach People How to Build Wooden Dory Boats. And Make it So Easy That ANYONE Can Build a Dory Boat Using My Dory Plans”

Knowing that Wilbert is not exactly the type of guy who stands in front of a group of students dressed in fine academic attire, I said: “Just how do you plan on doing that?”

“Well, you have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Masters Degree in Business and I have built more wooden boats than anyone else I know... and I can teach anyone how to do it if you;ll write it up"

“I absolutely know that I can teach anyone how to build a dory, even if they don’t know a hammer from a hole in the ground!”

“… and you’re gonna take digital pictures of everything from start to finish so that anyone could build a boat just from the pictures alone. "

"I want the pictures to be so detailed that even if we didn’t say a word, anyone could build a boat just by following them”

That’s Wilbert for ya … No half measures.

Wilbert Built a 16’ Dory Boat From Start to Finish
(He’s Single-handedly Built 54 of them in the last 8 years alone)
But This Time He Wrote Down Everything He Did … and I Mean Everything


He gave me pages and pages of notes and measurements written on everything from yellow notebook paper to small pieces of plywood. I believe I even got one note on the back of some “sail cloth” . He left nothing out

He listed every single dory boat material used so that you know exactly what to buy before you start building your dory boats. Then, I took pictures of it all. I even took pictures of the screws he used so that you would know exactly what to buy

He discusses dory boats glue in detail and explains all you need to know about where and how much to use it

I took pictures of each tool he used so there would be no guess work

He made sure every dory plans building piece could be purchased from any local lumber yard and hardware store so that you can get materials easily

Wilbert then began building his dory boat and wrote out step-by-step, everything he did

He included all the special tips and techniques he has learned over his 66 years of building dories

He included a list of things you should absolutely avoid doing. He’s made all the mistakes so you don’t have too . You benefit from his 66 years of effort. Click Here to Read More