Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Well, still raining so I'll read the marina Newsletter

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain! At least it gave up a bit so I could go watch my twin 8 year old nephews play their last baseball game of the season. Baseball really truly is an American icon. I love it!
Anyway, the marina newletter came in the mail today.
Let me see what they have to say:
The Port of Everett is going to give five tours of the Port waterfront. They will host 75 guests aboard a ferry while providing info on topics such as, international trade, property development, marina facilities etc. Three of the tours will be expanded. The ferry will board at the 10th street boat launch. To sign up, find out dates,  Call  425-257-8304
 Picture of 10th Street Public Boat Launch

Also, the Marina Director is quitting and we will have Scott Grindy step into her place.

Heres a cool one: First ever Jetty Jam. Kiteboarding and Paddleboarding Festival on Jetty Island June 19 & 20th. That sounds like a great time!

                                       Jetty Island in background

May 1st the new moorage rates went into effect

I will go over the rest of this newsletter and let you know what other goodies it has hiding inside.
Have a great day boaters, liveaboards & friends!