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-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Ahoy Maties!

Good day all. I just wanted to share an awesome site with you. A gentleman I know has poured his heart into this wonderful Home Improvement Trends for 2011 site. It's a site with great free advice....well let me show you a bit right here...nothing to buy at his site, just want you all to go take a look see...his site reads....

If you’d think 50 experts would have a lot to say on home improvement trends in 2011, well, then you’d be right! We had such a great response to our 2nd Blog-Off that we ended up with volumes of information and insight. After a little bit of magic, we packaged everything you need to know into the below infographic, giving you your complete guide to 2011 home improvement trends. Let the inspiration begin!

You can get there by clicking here 

It's really a great site....Check it out   
Thanks all, have a great day