Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Living cheap was a bonus when we started living aboard a sailboat in 1994.   For 8 years we cruised from Venezuela, Trinidad to the Virgin Islands.  We had a ball, so can you.  If the economy has got you singing the blues take heart living aboard a sailboat is not only as fun as you think it is...It is a great way of living cheaply.
Once on the boat, 6 to 9 months a year, we spent about $1,000 a month. We wanted for nothing, we were safe, surrounded by fellow cruisers, and experienced the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean.  If you are expecting the other shoe to drop you will be disappointed...I can think of very few negatives to this way of living cheaply. When living aboard  the negatives aren't really negatives. No TV is not a bad thing.  Not knowing who won the World Series until 6 months after the fact isn't the end of the world.
Say I stick my head in the sand I don't care...   So if you just have to know the latest news, or what Senator is cheating on his aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean may not be for you. It is your loss. Why is living aboard so cheap?   You are not tempted to spend...when at anchor the only person urging you to buy something might be a local in a rowboat with a lobster to sell, or swap for some toothpaste. You can't spend if there is no cash register. Next is the fact that cruisers are the tightest group of people I have ever met. Why are they so tight? Simple...They enjoy cruising so much they pinch pennies to keep on cruising. Wasting money is not what cruising is about.
Next is the fact that you avoid tourists (Americans) like the plague. Wherever they shop or eat you stay away from. They pay through the nose. When you go out to eat you look for a restaurant where you (and maybe another cruising couple) are the only white folks. The menu must also be on a chalkboard, which means the food is fresh, caught that morning.   You follow those two simple "rules" for dining out, while avoiding the tourists, you are living cheaply and well.
One of my favorite pastimes was to anchor close to a beach resort. The tourists were paying $500 a night; we anchored for free, and had a better view. If we did it so can you.  So if the economy has got you moping and worrying...relax can live cheaply and well living aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean. Enjoy.
Gary Pierce is the webmaster of he retired early at 49, still retired at 63. He has experience in lifestyles that are both fulfilling and frugal. It is 2009 and many are wondering if they can ever retire. Don't give up until you check out this website. Enjoy.
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