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Power Boats and Living Aboard

It's funny how people dismiss the notion of living aboard a powerboat, or any boat for that matter. The room you have aboard is quite nice even on a 36' powerboat. A sedan/convertible gives you different levels and areas to hang-out, making it not only feeling spacious, but home-like. Let's see how it is laid out for your comfort inside and out!
Stepping aboard you will be in the aft cockpit area where you may have a BBQ and deck chairs, or a fighting chair (not with your wife or girlfriend) to go after those awesome fish! Other amenities may be found here which may include a wet-bar or entertainment center. From here you can go up forward and lounge on the foredeck reading or get a nice tan. Back in the cockpit you can head up to the Flybridge to relax or head out for a cruise, it's your choice.
Heading inside thru the sliding glass doors reveals your salon (livingroom) with a couch and chairs. This area is either carpeted or has teak and holly sole, with maybe a coffee table and some counters. There are big widows with curtains for plenty of light. Relax, read, watch TV in this very spacious area. For snacks or a big meal take a few steps down as you move forward and look for what you need in the Galley (kitchen). Eat on your Dinette across from your galley where 4 can easily fit. Your head (bathroom) is further forward and your stateroom (bedroom) is all the way forward with more amenities like a closet, drawers, TV, entertainment center, vanity and others to make your stateroom very comfortable. A lot of amenities vary aboard powerboats including the layout which is a personal preference, to air conditioning and heat! There are Trawlers, Houseboats, and many different type cruisers big and small to check-out.
You have everything you need aboard to make your boat your home. Easy living and if your career moves you, so can your home.....I mean boat! This 36' powerboat is like a small apartment, but could you imagine a 45' to 50' yacht? It is amazing what even a 2 foot larger boat can give you. Each weekend can be filled with different scenery as you venture to all the harbors around...close and's like having dozens of mini vacations thru the year.
Living aboard a Powerboat is getting more popular and gives you that outdoors' life that everyone is getting into.....Enjoy....Sea-you on the water!
By Capt. Doug Malat
Douglas Malat is a Captain with 30,000 Offshore miles, Sailor, Powerboater, Scuba diver, and creator of, a Website where you will find thousands of used yachts for sale, along with all kinds of Boating Accessories. Take a look...get that info you need!
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