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Popeyes Store, Port of Everett-A live aboards Best Friend :)

Popeyes is a great little store down at the Everett Marina. Right now they currently reside in a building in the north marina, but soon they will be moving to the south Marina. Those of us that live on the south side of the marina are looking forward to this move because of the ease of location. But, they were not offered the most ideal location as the marina has ended their lease in the current location due to demolition. The new location will be in the old Marina office. This building is 3 stories which do not make it ideal for retail. The owners of Popeyes will do their best to accommodate everyone at their new location as they are great people and great store owners.
Here is a link to a video of the store in it's present location.

Oh, and folks, if you enjoy kayaking, Popeyes has all your kayaking rental needs!