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Living in Small Spaces By Tameka Norris Platinum Quality Author

I personally do not see living in a small space as being stressful; although it entails being constrained in so many ways. I see it as an avenue of bringing your creativity and talent into play. Living in a small place does not necessarily mean that you have to move or be limited. In a world like ours where housing space is expensive, living in a small space is the best alternative.
If you were innovative and willing to improve on your current small home, you would be amazed how well your space would turn out. To live successfully and happily in a small space, it is expedient that you should know what to do. Having bright and excellent ideas are all that is required to live in a small home. If you live in a small place, I would advise that you should consider customizing your furniture, kitchen, and other household equipment. Keeping everything compact and simple should be part of your lifestyle.
You should consider buying mini a refrigerator, a mini or average size cooker or stove and a mini or average size washing machine. For instance, with a bright idea and money in your pocket, you can turn a marble top table into a kitchen and a utility room. Here is how it works. You can place your dishwasher and washing machine below the table while your stove sits on the top of the table.
With the right ideas and proper planning, living in a small home can be made very pleasurable to live in. If you are a workaholic and a well organized individual who loves arranging things in an orderly manner, living in a small space would greatly improve your self esteem and save you a lot of time because in a small space, all your stuffs are arranged very closely to each other.
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