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Port South Marina Office is Closed

Just a heads up for anyone coming down to the Port of Everett. The main Port Office has moved to the new location at the North Marina. Popeyes will be moving into the Marina office location in the South Marina.
Having Popeyes in the South Marina will be nice for all those that live on this end. Popeyes is a great little marina store that iss located in the North Marina but will be moving over here to the South Marina in March 2011. After Popeyes leaves the building he is now, the port will be demolishing it.
A little sad seeing all the old Port buildings go, but the Port has to use up that stimulus somewhere I guess.
Scuttlebutt Brewery will be moving soon also. No date set on that building demo yet but it's coming. The brewery will have a big move ahead of them, with all their brewing tanks and what not.
I will keep you posted on the the big moves around here.
Have a great day all!