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-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Ahoy "Life Aboard A Boat" friends!

I hope everybody's day is well. We are supposedly going to have another snow storm here in the Puget Sound area. They are saying over 3 inches. Not too bad. We can handle that. What they say is going to be bad is that after the snow, it will be turning to freezing rain. Freezing rain is the nastiest weather I have ever seen. We used to get freezing rain several times during the winter in Oregon. It would shut down all the roads and highways. I do have to say it is beautiful though. The way the ice freezes around each blade of grass and every leaf.
Anyway, that was not the main subject of my post though. I have come across something here at the marina that is driving me crazy. We have a prostitution problem here in the marina. I am not sure if it's because of the Navy base next door or that we are so close in proximity to the downtown Everett area. Whatever the reason, the Port does nothing about it. Many people have discussed this with me and have taken the issue to the Port. We are tired and sickened of walking our dogs only to look and find them sniffing used condoms in the parking lot. I will be out walking my dog in the evening time and see things going on in cars and the Port Security will drive right by, shine their light on me and my dog, and totally disregard the people in the car in front of them who are blatantly, obviously doing the "Dirty", or some form of it. So, the condoms in the parking lot make me mad enough but.....then
During the cold days of winter, the Port shuts off the water to the docks, so we have to use the Marina showers, bathrooms etc,...once we run our tanks dry. Soooo, because of medical reasons, I was needed to help my significant other prepare for his shower. Now the only way to do this is to use the "Family" shower in the North Marina. But, every time we go to the "Family" shower, there are men sitting in their parked cars around the building, men in the lobby of the restrooms, and the "Family" shower is "In use", for very long periods of time. We have watched this time and time again. There are no women in the showers that these men could be waiting for. The laundry room is empty. And we have watched as a man walks out of the "Family" shower, hair dry, get in their car and drive away. Then another man enters, and we watch this over and over and at the end of the night, a woman walks out. Now we have heard there is a prostitute that lives here at the marina on a boat and we even know which dock. We don't know if this is who is running her business out of the "Family" shower or not but whoever it is, must have a boat moored here because the shower must be accessed with a dock key.
We have witnessed this over and over and have even seen the Port security sitting in their truck nearby and they do nothing. I think my next step is to video these events and post them here.
You would just think that the "Second Largest" Marina on the west coast would (and being a govmnt establ.) be more pro active to keep the marina safe and clean, especially for the prices we pay here. People are moving out of this marina at a fast rate.....due to several reasons, but I do know of two couples that left here to moore elsewhere because of this prostitution issue.
Okay, I am done with my rant...guess I just wanna know...
Is this an issue at your marina? Or do you have any issues with the Port of Everett? I have seen on youtube that there were also vandalism issues here, in the dry dock area.
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