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Funny Boat Ramp Stories

SUBJECT: # 4371: Dam ramp is Slippery when wet! Wilson Lake
Submitted by from ALABAMA on 7/8/2010 11:25:00 AM
I was putting my boat in this past Saturday at a ramp near Wilson Dam. I later called it the dam ramp, heres why:
I had never used this ramp before, but of course I was in a hurry for some reason. I was by myself except the onlookers on the dock next to the ramp. I back the boat into the water, put the truck in park, and went to get onto the boat to back it off the trailer. So far, so good... right?
I get next to the back of the truck and take my new flip flops off to keep from getting them wet. I step into the water and found out that the green moss on the ramp was slicker than owl snot!!

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