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Galapagos Live Aboards

Speak out the word ‘Galapagos’ and you will have even the most seasoned of divers going misty eyed and loose tongued. Diving in this island chain is an experience that is different from all others, and when you do it living aboard a boat, you enjoy the freedom to enjoy the best pelagic encounters. Why choose Galapagos for Liveaboards experience?
* Galapagos is considered to be one of the top spots for diving on Earth. In fact, you will be stunned by the richness and variety of wildlife both above the water and beneath it. The waters are famous for schooling hammerheads and the volcanoes that lie submerged beneath the sea are favorite haunts of white tips and Galapagos sharks. The water is rich in plankton and all sorts of fish come to feed on the delicious spread.
* There are many wondrous spots for diving making Galapagos Liveaboards an experience of a lifetime. The Darwin and Wolf Islands are open only to divers. Besides these, there are many famous spots like The Gordon Rock, Devil’s Crown, Cousin’s Rock and Kicker Rock.
Galapagos Liveaboards – Things to remember
Nearly all diving spots in Galapagos require high levels of skill. So, intermediate to advanced divers who have the ability to withstand tough conditions like low visibility, strong currents and inaccessibility to compression chambers may consider Galapagos Liveaboards. You cannot even rule out encounters with large marine creatures like the whale sharks. There are a few less-challenging sites for divers with lesser skill and experience. But the true experience of Galapagos Liveaboards is for seasoned divers.
If you are looking for a calmer, clearer and warmer Liveaboard experiencein Galapagos, try and go in the wet season which lasts from January to May. However, if you want to observe teeming marine life, the dry season from June to December is the best, notwithstanding strong currents.
Keen diving enthusiasts would do well to hire liveaboard Galapagos boats that specialize in providing divers the ultimate diving experience. If you are going to distant islands, it is important to book with a reputed service provider as you need fast boats to reach these places.
Galapagos Livaboard experiences are truly out of this world, which is why people like to live it up when they are aboard. But, remember to be a good neighbor because sound carries easily from boat to boat. So, if you are enjoying TV or a game with your friends, do not let it be a hindrance for neighbors who want to catch a nap.
And lastly, even though you are visiting the Galapagos for a diving trip, make sure that this interesting island vacation comprises of a number of shore excursions too.
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