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Boaters Guides

Here is a link to a great boaters guide for the Puget Sound, if you would like guides to other areas just click on the link and it will allow you to search other guides
Puget Sound Boaters: Cleats & Eats: Boaters Restaurant Guide to Seattle & Puget Sound
We are always wondering where to eat when we travel in the boat and this book has been wonderful. Up to date and extremely useful.
This is what they say about the book:
“Cleats & Eats” restaurant guidebooks are the most comprehensive guides for boaters looking for unique places to dine and things to see and do beyond the dock. Specifically written from the boater’s perspective, “Cleats & Eats” directs boaters to little known docks as well as marinas for purposes of dining, relaxing, and exploring.
The “Cleats” section for each guide includes locator maps to docks, wharves, and marinas with transient space, contact information, and check-in procedures. Interesting historic notes about the landings along with points of interest such as wineries, museums, spas, and local events are also included in the “Cleats” section.
The “Eats” section for each guide directs boaters to restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, and coffee shops within easy walking distance of docks and marinas. Restaurant descriptions include d├ęcor, cuisine, and hours of operation along with walking directions and street maps.
Whether you’re planning a day excursion, a short coffee break, or a weekend cruise, you will find interesting stops and unique eateries in these detailed and easy to use guidebooks designed just for boaters.
 Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sunshine!
 Cleats and Eats: Boater's Restaurant Guide Seattle and Puget Sound