Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Real Spring Weather!

Finally we can expect not to freeze every morning when we get up. The weather is looking more like spring every day. Raining a bit today but still warm enough out to handle it.
Very busy weekend around here. People coming and going. The sound of engines starting up all around us.
Had a BBQ for my son this weekend. Couldn't have asked for better weather than we got. First BBQ we have had since last summer.. Great aroma of BBQ smoke always boosts the spirit.
Last night was beautiful. At night it gets very quiet around here and you can hear the sounds of the world around the water. I was not aware until recently that seagulls have their own individual sounds and squawks. I can actually hear conversations between them. One gull  from way across the marina will sound off and others will respond. It is extremely interesting to listen to them and watch what they do after particular sounds from other seagulls. We have been watching the baby gulls in a few nest on the roofs of the covered docks. We can hear them at times chirping. Their little heads poke up out of the nests. The momma gulls get very protective when they see other birds flying near their nests. They also will try to dive bomb you if they think you are getting to close to their territory. They are extremely observant of whats going on around them. I have never paid that much attention to the gulls but recently have found a great interest in them. I have always just taken for granted the seagulls because they have been around nearly every home I've owned just like the swallows. I remember as children some kids would feed the gulls alka seltzer, just to watch them die soon after. This really bothered me, enough to tell every adult I could that would listen. But people just don't seem to care much for the gulls. They do cause messes with their waste but they have just as much a right as we to live where they do. They seem to like sitting on the roofs and hoods of cars around the marina. I think we are all used to having fresh gull poop on our cars. It makes you a little mad when you've just washed and waxed, but, we do live on the water, it's more their home than ours.
I challenge you all that go near the water to listen carefully to the gulls around you. It is so interesting, and relaxing as it makes you calm down and be still while listening.
Tomorrow is, what I am hoping to be my last appointment with my surgeon, with the hopes that this last surgery was successful. I am just so tired of being in splints and casts. It makes it very difficult to live aboard a boat. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I wish a great day for all and a relaxing & enjoyable evening!
I am hoping to have some pics posted soon of out Friday Harbor stay. Take care, all!