Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

I'm Back! San Juans are Awesome!

Well, it's nice to be back, settled in and back to normal. But I have to tell you, going to the San Juans to visit my son and his girlfriend was an absolute blast! The San Juans are unbelievably beautiful. The bald eagles were flying everywhere we looked. Had to be careful of my little doggie and always keep him close and in sight so we didn't lose him to the big bald eagles. Mothers Day weekend could not have brought us better weather. Nice, warm sunshine. Something we need more of lately. We traveled around the island with my son and visited some interesting places. First we went to the Friday Harbor Farmers Market, right in town. My sons g-friend and her pals had a booth in the craft area. They make some great products. Beautiful barrettes made from small pieces of driftwood and beads, (my son bought me one for Mothers Day, along with some fresh rhubarb and jam), Knit items, hats & arm warmers, custom clothing, pottery, postcards, jewelry, hand decorated leather journals and just so much great stuff. I will post some pics of the trip soon. I forgot my digital camera and had to buy a disposable one. I took the used disposable camera to Rite Aid to be processed. The gal at the counter told me it would take 7 days before the pictures would be ready. Only I would find the only store in the U.S. that still sends film out to be processed. But I guess I can enjoy the anticipation the way we used to long ago. Waiting to see the pics, having to open them immediately in the store because you can't wait to see them. I'm just so used to the expediency of everything we do these days. It won't hurt me to slowwwww down.
You really have to be careful in reading those ferry schedules so you don't get stuck overnight on the island on the last day of your vacation.It was $66.00 from Anacortes to San Juan. $53. for car and driver and 13 for passenger. A little spendy but you do not pay on the way back so really it was only 33.00 each way. We stayed at the property my son is working and staying on. It was a beautiful 5 acre piece right on the water on the south east side of the island in a peaceful bay. What a property! Gorgeous! The owners of the property were very gracious, allowing us to stay there and giving us access to everything of theirs. We had a campfire and made s'mores. I haven't done that for about 7 years. It really was fun.
Saturday we went to English camp and Roche Harbor. Both interesting places. We hiked 1.5 miles to the cemetery at English Camp. Then back down to the Fort area and waterfront. After that we went to Roche Harbor, saw the sculpture park, lime kilns and many expensive yachts, one with a helicopter. It sure isn't the charming little Roche Harbor I came to on our boat many times as a kid. It has turned into the richie rich, exclusive Resort. When we used to come up as a kid, John Wayne was there also in his boat the "Wild Goose". John Wayne went there because it was not a very touristy, popular place. It was secluded, unknown, and sparse tourists. I just don't like what it has become, but who am I to say whats best for the resort. But if you do go, by boat or car, you need to visit the mausoleum back in the woods. It holds the remains of the family that built the resort. Which was not a resort when built. It was the family home and business. The small hotel where very famous people have stayed has no bathrooms in the rental rooms. It's European style the gal at the desk tells me. I looked through the old guest books they leave out to read and found my familys name where we checked in many times in the 70's and 80's.They save all guest books. It's fun to see your name from 35+ years ago.
Well all, I will write more tomorrow and post pics from our trip to San Juans soon.
Tomorrow I will get back to more from the Boat & Be Damned book.
Until then , have a great day!