Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Must Be Commercial Fishing Season

Hi All! Hope you all are having a great day. How can you not?! This beautiful weather! Many people must have played hookie from work today because there are a lot of people down here cleaning, sanding and working on their boats. I am sure with the great weather that many boaters will be headed out this weekend. We have a B-day party so we will be staying in town. It's still nice just being able to live down here on the water when the weather is so wonderful.
Night before last several fishing boats came in late at night. They must have opened fishing for the commercial fishers. I wasn't sure what was going on until I got up and looked out the window. Several fishing boats, atleast 45ft. in length, came into the marina approx. 10:30pm until the last one I heard at 1:30am Wednesday morning. They had 3-4 people on deck and had all their deck lights on so it brightened up this whole end of the marina. They were all pretty chatty on deck as I heard them clear from our boat. Must be an exciting time of year for the fishermen. Knowing it's time to go out and make some money. I am not sure what fish they were catching, salmon I would assume, but you know what they say about assuming.
For the next couple days after the fishing boats came in, the seagulls were loud and crazy. Flying fast and furious to catch any fish pieces falling from the boats. Those darn gulls were so loud for a day or two. But back to normal. Not a lot of squawking from them now. Just the regular screeches every now and then.
     I have been given several packages of fishing hooks, size 14, 10 to a package. We don't fish and would like to give them to someone who could use them. If any of you readers would like a package or two, please drop me a line at my email I would love to send them to you. There is also a package of size 12 swivels.
Well, I will get back to sharing more of the Boat and Be Damned book with you. I will finish the chapter in this post.
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Joshua Dunderish, the local garage man, said:
"Me, I'm a racing boat type of sailor. Used to race autos, but got tired of the dust and dirt in my nose. Got me a whole fleet of racing outboards. Just as soon as old Tumbleweed fills up, I'll be out there, bouncing around on them there waves. Last year I won the Gold Cup in the big race from Cactus Bend to Coyote Flats. Would have broken the worlds record for the return trip, but the lake dried up before I could get started back."
Hiram Q. Parboyle, the local real estate man, said:
"Used to build houses on the range, but now I build boats, podner. Fact is, most cowpokes would rather own a skiff than a ranch. So I put up a boatyard down in Guzzle Gulch where I make new craft and restore old ones. Have me a swell time fixing used boats for the trade. Drop into my office when you're in the neighborhood. Be proud to show you the best vessels this side of the Mojave Desert."
My interviews with the club members were suddenly interrupted by a shout from the patio.
The entire membership gathered on the terrace where they stared admiringly at a huge mass of black clouds rising from the horizon. The air was heavy with an ominous threat of sudden rainfall. The sun was buried behind the thick pall rising over the distant desert. A brilliant burst of lightning flashed through the inky clouds. Thunder roared and rumbled, sending the group into shivers of excitement. At last, in a great whirl of wind and sand, the first drops of rain began to fall.
"A cloudburst!" shouted Chester Binnacle.
"She'll fill the lake!" roared Horace Perkins.
"Man the boats!" Screamed Melvin Chuckabiddy.
"Port your helm!"
"Belay the tiller!"
"Swab the decks!"
"Shove off!"
"Haul in the Yardarm!"
"Close your hatch!"
The pandemonium continued as Tumbleweed Lake rapidly filled with rain, the members staring out at the sudden sea before them, entranced by their nautical visions of things to come.
"How long will Tumbleweed Lake remain full?" I asked Chester Binnacle.
"Usually, it lasts only for a month or so," he said, studying the sky. "But we may be lucky this time. Maybe it will develop into  a tornado or cyclone."
"Might even become a hurricane," said a member gleefully.
"Or a typhoon!" exulted Chester.
"But won't that endanger your town?" I asked. Isn't it likely to flood the whole area? Ruin the crops? Drown the cattle?"

"Cattle, shmattle," shouted the mariners as one man. "Who cares about that, so long as we get lots of water in old Tumbleweed Lake!"


I hope you enjoyed that story. Have a good day my Mariner friends !!!!!