Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

What a Beautiful Day!

Good day water people! We sure couldn't have wished for a nicer day. It is absolutely gorgeous down here at the marina. So many people busy cleaning and getting ready to go out this weekend. Well, at least the ones that are still here. Many people took off this morning. The duckies are all floating around playing in the water. Little crabs crawling around in the shallow water. The tides are at their lowest in months today. The water is a bit mucky because it is such a low tide. In fact the tide I believe is at a -2.4 or close to that.What a perfect day to celebrate my sons b-day with a BBQ. Now I know I am old because all my children are no longer teenagers. Where does the time go?
Today is garbage pick up day so we have our regular garbage picker that comes every week and digs in the garbage in the dumpsters. It is very curious at the types of things boaters throw away. Many people don't want to have to deal with taking items they no longer use, home. So they put them up next to the garbage for anyone to take that may have a use for it. Some days there are bumpers, chairs, tv's, radar, microwaves, chair cushions, bikes and many other items that I suppose someone could make use of. There was a really nice fishing rod next to the dumpster the other day. The old man that goes through the trash said he has garage sales and sells the items he picks up. So at least someone can make a few dollars with someone elses trash.
By the way, I still have a few packs of fishing hooks left. If you would like a pack of 10 size 14 hooks, please drop me an email at  Boat lady. I would love to send them to someone that can make use of them, or else I will have to give them to the garbage salvager to sell at his garage sale, lol.
Washed the boat yesterday and the cat sure had fun running around trying to avoid the water. He was actually playing cat and mouse with the water. He would run up to the water, and then run the other way around the boat and come up on it from the other side, then run back around the other way. He's such a goofy cat. He is huge, great big head, tall body. Everyone that see's him comments on how large he is, not fat, just very large. He is double the size of everyone elses cats I've seen lately. He does very well living aboard. Never wanders off. Walks around the boat and plays on the dock right beside the boat. He's great company aboard.
Well, I better get going to get ready for the BBQ. Have a great day all!