Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Always more work

Good morning boaters! Well, today surely isn't the nice weather we were hoping for. I guess we won't be taking the boat anywhere today. Maybe we will have a nice Sunday for boating.
Our shower bilge went out so hopefully we will be spending time today to replace that darn bilge. Until then we are having to use the public shower facilities at the marina. It's not too bad considering the facilities aren't all that bad. They are clean and never are backed up.
I guess we expected to be doing a lot of work to our boat this summer. We bought our boat last year at the beginning of summer and we went from our 27 foot chris craft to our 46 foot Pacemaker. We are lovers of older wood boats. The classic styling of the older boats has always been something I have been drawn to.
I have found an old book written in the 70's and has some of the funniest boating stories. I am going to share some of the stories with all of you but I will not tie all of your time up with the whole story at once. I will share short portions at a time. A new excerpt each day. I know you will enjoy the stories as I have laughed through most of them.
I have added some resources this morning (in the right hand margin) in hopes that you all find them useful.
Have a great day boaters and look forward to writing more for you later!
Heres a link to www.boatresponsibly .com
This website deals with sewage dumping regulations which is very important to adhere to so we dont get fined and ruin our boat outing.