Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Good Day all! Sorry I didn't get on here til later in the day. It's my b-day today and my son and family took me out to eat and we got a little carried away with time and it was, ...well....really nice. It was a nice way to end a day of errands and bill paying, YUCK!
Before I forget, I wanted to tell you about a great little shop I stumbled across in Marysville Wa. It is called "Paws it On" and it's a great little 2nd hand doggie store. Theres a cute little lady that owns it and she has some other women that sew doggie coats that she sells. The store has a huge selection of doggie coats and clothes. Some used, some new. Lots of other great doggie stuff too. She also has a person who makes doggie beds for her to sell. I am going to talk with her and do a small expose on her store and maybe she'll advertise some great special here on my blog for all of us. The store is a cute little pink building right off the main road and has parking in the back. The people that work there are friendly and very helpful. I will tell you more about it in the next few days after I speak with the owner. I can't get enough of the place with the great doggie coats.
Maybe I should explain myself and why I'm bringing up dogs on a blog about living aboard a boat. You see, I am sure if you read the rules on "How to live aboard a boat" you will find the rule that says you must have atleast one pet aboard, preferably two or more. And not any ole pet, strange pets. When you meet any of the liveaboards down here you would assume we were all told we had to have a dog to live here. Nearly everyone that lives aboard here has a dog and usually more than just a dog. We have a doggie and a great big cat. Another water dweller down the way has three dogs. And another has 1 huge dog and two cats. A man across the way has a pit bull. The list goes on and on, heck, one man has some big parrot type bird that screeches and screams when their hatch door is open.  It really is crazy. I never would think it would be so common to have these pets aboard boats.
That is why I wrote about the great doggie store. Because any other liveaboards reading this are a highly likely to own a dog or two, and we know we have to walk them a lot, even in the rain, so little coats that keep them dry is a big must! So there, enough of that. I am going to jump off the computer now and go enjoy some birthday ice cream.
Take care all and have a great night!