Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Crazy Men at the Marina

Hi all!
Boy Monday night was a little wild here. Something woke me up approx 4am. So I got up and looked around and as I headed up to the helm I heard a man screaming F--- this, F--- that, you know the type. The voice was 1 dock over and was moving up and down the dock. I couldn't make out exactly what was going on because the voice I heard was sooooo drunk! Slurring and cussing. It was very impressive. After a few minutes of that I heard a voice scream from the boat down that other dock. He was screaming the other mans name. Then the cussing and screaming carried on from the two of them up and down the dock. From what I made out hearing apparently one man locked the other man out of the boat on which they both live and the man that came out of the boat was upset because the other did not come home all night, so he locked him out.
Now I know we all like a little drama but that was crazy. It had to have awoken every person here. To make matters worse, the dock they were on was roofed with metal so it echoed incredibly loud.
But all is good now. No craziness last night. Well aside from the homeless people that sleep in the dumpster areas at night or the men that bring the women of the night down here to take care of business and then throw their used instruments out the window into the parking lot. Oh, and the drunks that leave the restaurants and decide they are going to walk the promenade along the water only to make total asses of themselves by trying to climb the gate fences or jump over the railings only to fall and hurt themselves and have to deal with the Port security that roams through here all night. Aside from all that it was a quiet night.
Pretty quiet here at the marina today. It's cold outside so only the hard core walkers and boaters are about. There are times when I really enjoy it down here on the water when it's cold and wet out. It becomes so still and quiet. You hear the jingle jangle of the masts and riggings of the sailboats as they bounce around in the wind. The pounding of the rain on the metal roofs of the covered docks. The seagulls screeching and talking to each other and the lapping of the water up against the boat that lulls you right to sleep. Sometimes on days like this its so relaxing its hard to get anything done.
But I don't have that luxury today, too much to do! So have a great day all! If you have any good boat or liveaboard stories or suggestions leave a post here or email me at