Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

Back with the Binnacles

I hope you are all enjoying the Binnacles. It gets much funnier as it goes along. Just in case anyone would like the book, I put a link on here again to the only place I could find any more copies. Link to Amazon here, I think they still had a few used copies for sale:
Boat and be Damned

Today has just been  flurry of excitement around here with everyone getting ready for opening weekend. Cleaning, washing, decorating, stocking up every preparation you can think of. People coming and going. Boats leaving for fun destinations. It is clearing out around here and getting pretty empty. We are not going out this weekend. Too many family plans. But not going out on opening weekend has got it's perks. It is really quiet and relaxing here when everyone has shipped off. We will probably get some work done on the boat this weekend. There is always something to do!
Well let me get started on those Binnacles again. To catch up just scroll down to the last link and catch up. And for those of you who have not been here in a few days, I am sharing a story out of a wonderful book called "Boat and Be Damned". It is a hilarious book written about a man and wife who decide to become boaters. It was written back in 1957 so there aren't many copies left to be had, (I found mine in a used book store), that is why I wanted to share at least one of the stories here. If you want to read from the beginning just go back to the first Boat and Be Damned post and follow daily posts from there. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


"You're whistling off key again, Chester," said Mrs. Binnacle. "Here she is," said Smiling Sam, indicating a large white boat at the end of the dock while watching his customers carefully. He was immediately aware of Chester's gasp of delight as he surveyed the craft, a look of anguished longing not unlike a man's first glimpse of Marilyn Monroe. He was also aware that the lady, too, was not displeased. She seemed to be staring at the cabin windows, probably enjoying the curtains, a good, healthy sign of interest from a feminine observer.
"I ask you," he whispered gently to Emma. "Isn't she a dream of delight, Mrs. Pinnacle?"
"Binnacle," said Emma thoughtfully. She was lost in the study of the cabin windows, enjoying the sight of the neat, blue checkered curtains. These were the same curtains that hung in her kitchen, a particularly attractive design she had picked up one day in Westport at  the Birgenheim Curtain Shop, the most exclusive curtain store in the whole town where they lived.
"I must admit," she said, "It is a pretty looking boat."
"Trim," murmered Chester. "Neat. Racy. Slick. Solid."
"Clean," said Emma. "Cozy. Bright.".

____OVER_____   more later....have to run for a bit but will add more as soon as I return, Take care all!