Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980

What a Beautiful Day!

Hi Boaters and friends of boaters!
I just wanted to pop in real quick to tell you about the cool signs of real spring today here at the marina. When I was walking down the ramp to the dock I saw a dungeness crab crawling around by himself about three feet deep. Cool, I've never seen one there before. Well when I got back to the boat I saw a huge school of approx. 1.5" long herring. Well a couple of us on the dock decided they were herring.You know how us boaters are, we get to say just about anything we want and it becomes fact. That's just a benefit of being a boater. Kind of like the fishermen and the huge fish they caught. As the listener you just take it for what it's worth. Then the seals! They come float around the marina here in the spring and summer but we haven't seen much of them in here yet. Usually the mommies give birth to the babies on or near the docks and then  teach them to swim in the same area for awhile. So we see a lot of the babies around here during spring and summer. We hear them playing right outside the boat at night, they scratch at the hull of the boat sometimes.But they knock up against the boats and make deep pipe like grunts and snorts and wake me up sometimes, but I don't mind. They are so cute. Sometimes we wake up and they will be sleeping at the bottom of our steps on the dock.
What a day! It feels like spring now. What a long winter, bluck!
Well all, I hope to chat at ya later today. Bon Voyage!
Love a Liveaboard