Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.
-Jean-Paul Sartre --French existentialist philosopher and writer, 1905-1980


Wow, it is a blowing here. We are a rocking and rolling on the water. Not many people about today. The wind comes out and everyone disappears. I took the dog out for a couple of walks and he's so small I swear he almost flew away. He has such huge ears he looked like Dumbo rolling down the promenade. The masts on the sailboats are banging and clanging. Seagulls are having quite the time trying to make it from point A to point B. They are fun to watch though. It actually looks like fun floating around up there in the wind.
The TV satellite is blinking in and out, what a joy having satellite. Every little weather condition affects this darn satellite, but living aboard a boat doesn't leave much of a selection when it comes to tv service providers. Getting internet is even slimmer pickins. We can get satellite or ...?. No DSL here. But we make do. We just get used to knowing which weather conditions hinder our use of communications.
Crazy thing here. We have had the census banging around here on the docks. It seems strange to me that we cannot accept mail here because there are no formal addresses here on the docks, so we must have our mail routed to post offices boxes. Every live aboard is registered with the marina office and they have our mailing addresses. But yet the census comes here looking for people to fill out their census forms, when the census is supposed to be based only off of residential addresses. They were making people so angry here on the docks. Approx. only 1/4 of the boats on our dock are liveaboards and so the census workers were confronting many people here that have already filled out their forms that were sent to their home addresses. I guess I figured the marina would notify the census employees of which boats are registered as liveaboards and send their forms to their post office boxes. But to hassle everyone down here didn't help the census takers make any friends.I would never take that job! Especially after seeing people here and how angry they were. They boaters were down here enjoying the day, relaxing and the census takers roll down the dock and start hassling everyone. Crazy.
All of you have a wonderful day and tie everything down so you don't lose it in this wind!